WAREHOUSES & OFFICE Property in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

Property in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
Okunin Street, Route 631
Direction: Gdańsk and Kaliningrad
Only 3,5 km from new AirPort in Modlin

   In Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, about 35 km from Warsaw, we have to rent
   warehouses with a total 4500 sq m and office space with an area of 700 sqm.    Property is located directly just on the road No 631 from Warsaw to the North
   and East to Gdansk and Kaliningrad. Fenced on all sides.
   Objects have their own alarm system.
   Furthermore, the area is protected and monitored.
   The facility is connected to the telephone network TP S.A.
   The whole building has a large number of their own parking spaces.

   The property is equipped with the following media:

   - urban water supply and sewerage network,

   - energy grid,

   - telephone network.

Pricing - the basic monthly rate of rent:

    - Office space 35 zł / sq.m.

   - Storage area 15 - 16 zł / sq.m.

   - 7 zł storage yard / sq.m.

   - An operating levy 1,5 zł / sq.m.

        plus 23% VAT.

   In addition, the tenant pays the operating costs (water, heating, electricity) on    the basis of actual consumption. The time of the lease to be negotiated.
   Coverage area of the office / warehouse / yard, it is possible since the signing of    the contract and pay a deposit equal to the rate of one month's rent